Building a Video Learning Series for an Established Real Estate Brand

October 22, 2021 2 Minute Read



The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing (ILHM) is a career development organization that educates real estate professionals looking to be successful in the upper-tier market. ILHM works in partnership with Century 21 Fine Homes & Estates, the luxury hand of the real estate agent franchise company.


The Challenge:

Our client (ILHM) and their partner, Century 21 Real Estate, wanted to collaborate on a video learning series called Century 21 University to educate real estate professionals working in the luxury real estate space.

The primary challenge? With so much valuable information at our disposal, we were hard pressed to keep each video in this series under six minutes in length.

Plus, in order to help differentiate this segment of the Century 21 brand — known as C21 — from others, we had to ensure that all logos, colors, and other branding elements were specifically tied to the luxury real estate segment of the business.

To do this, our team needed to collaborate with multiple C21 brand representatives to build a product that not only satisfied our end goal of delivering a quality video series, but also helped set our client’s partner apart from their competition in the luxury real estate space.

The Solution:

During the pre-production process, we created a strategic approach to ensure we were creating content for the miniseries that would elevate and align with both brands. To do this, we created a course outline that would be the foundation of the project and allow both brands to see how each would be highlighted throughout the mini-series.

As we moved to and through the production process, we followed the course outline and assisted both brands with all the technical aspects of the digital, remote shoot. Our team also offered suggestions along the way to make sure the proper messaging stayed in focus. 

During the post production process, we worked closely with our client to ensure that branding elements were in line with the C21 brand and that we not only met all expectations, but exceeded them through multiple rounds of revision.

We not only provided our client and their partner with a collection of seven different videos, but we also designed two different sets of thumbnail images for use and display in their online learning portal.

The Results:

  • A seven-part video series currently housed in the C21 online learning portal
  • A total of fourteen different thumbnail images built to the exact specifications of our client’s partner
  • A successful project that was kept on track by our meticulous project management process, and benefited from our extreme attention to detail during all phases of the production cycle
  • Reassurance for our client (and also their partner) that we’re a reliable source for all things creative, particularly when it comes to a multi-part, video learning series

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