3 Genius Ways to Repurpose Your Visual Content and Maximize Your Production Efforts

August 16, 2021
2 Minute Read


In a cost and consumption-conscious world, “repurposed” is a word we hear frequently. In the marketing realm, repurposing your content has benefits that extend throughout your business.

Producing rich media content takes time, energy, and money. Who wouldn’t want to cut back on those expenditures?

Here’s what you can do to make the most of your videos, podcasts, and more:

1. Turn static media into rich media

Ready to start “upcycling”? The first place to look is in your blog archive. Each piece of written content is a potential basis for effective rich media.

    • An old “how-to” post can easily become a brief demonstration video, or even a bit of social media content.
    • An in-depth blog post series covering a hot topic in your industry might be the basis for an engaging video podcast.
    • Existing graphics (such as logos, infographics, and other art) can be used to enhance videos, save time on intro/outro templates, and more.

It helps to take a look at analytics to determine which blog posts and graphics were especially popular. In most cases, this static content represents topics that are most valuable and useful to your audience.

2. Use existing visual content in new ways

If you’ve already developed a catalog of video content, you’re ahead of the curve! However, if each piece of content has been used only once, you’re not as far ahead as you could be.

Review your existing videos, podcasts, and other visual content and ask yourself a few questions:

    • Could this content be reformatted and used for a different channel? For example, could a brand story video be trimmed into shorter clips for Instagram and Facebook posts?
    • Could this content be valuable for another team? For instance, perhaps your sales team could leverage thought leadership content from a past video podcast in their sales outreach emails.
    • Could this content be updated? It may save time and energy to edit an outdated video rather than create a new one.

3. Plan your content to be 100% repurposable

The gold standard for repurposing content is to design it that way from the very beginning. Here are some tips for planning and producing repurpose-ready visual content:

    • Make your video podcasts “clippable” by structuring your outline to cover a new topic every couple minutes. With some thoughtful planning, each video podcast episode can be edited into dozens of microcontent clips to be used throughout your funnel.
    • Keep your video content evergreen when possible. By leaving out things like dates and references to current events, you’ll make it easier to repurpose this content down the road.
    • Use a reliable, well-organized storage system that makes it easy to find and reuse your digital assets.
    Repurposing content can help you simplify your production process and cut costs. If you have questions about how this strategy applies to your specific business and strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Tobe Agency.

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