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Boosting Community Engagement: Key Tech Features of Modern Platforms

Discover how technology can amplify community engagement. From livestreams to 1:1 chat tools, explore the must-have features for community platforms.

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Engagement within a community is no small feat. While content and strategy are fundamental, the potential of platforms and technology is often overlooked.

To truly engage, you must consider the role technology plays in fostering connections, generating interest, and sustaining involvement.

Let’s delve into the pivotal features that a community platform should have to maximize engagement.


1. Livestream 

Think of livestreams as exclusive, live events for your community. These events are more than just posts—they’re real-time interactions that captivate audiences. Recording these livestreams allows members who couldn't attend to catch up, further extending engagement and reach within your community.

Example: Imagine a book club community platform. Every month, the author of the chosen book could host a live stream Q&A session. Members can interact, ask questions, and gain deeper insights. After the session, the recorded stream can be made available for those who couldn't attend, ensuring no one misses out and the discussions continue.


2. Automation / Custom Flows 

First impressions count. When someone joins your community, their initial experience is crucial. By incorporating automations or custom flows, you can tailor the onboarding process, guiding new members, providing resources, or setting clear actions. This personalized touch enhances early engagement, ensuring new members feel valued and connected.

Example: For a fitness community platform, as soon as someone joins, a custom flow could guide them through goal-setting, introduce them to forum leaders, and direct them to beginner resources or challenges. This immediate involvement can ensure new members quickly find value and purpose within the community.


3. Event Management & Post Event 

Live events and conferences can be logistical challenges. However, with a robust community platform, these challenges become opportunities for sustained engagement. Utilize your platform’s event features to manage RSVPs, field questions, and share essential details. And don’t let the conversation die post-event. Create sub-groups or spaces where attendees can continue the discussions, keeping the momentum going.

Example: Consider a community platform for local artists. The platform could host monthly art showcases. Using the event features, artists can RSVP, find event details, and even submit their artworks. Post the event, a sub-group can be created where attendees discuss the art pieces, their interpretations, and connect with the artists, keeping the event's spirit alive.

4. 1:1 Chat/Communication 

In a world of mass communication, personal 1:1 interactions remain golden. A powerful Direct Message tool can ignite engagement, fostering deeper connections between members. Additionally, features akin to 'group chats' allow for synchronous conversations, bringing together like-minded members in intimate settings, encouraging collaboration and camaraderie.

Example: On a community platform for startup founders, a Direct Message feature can be invaluable. A founder looking for specific advice on, say, raising capital can DM a fellow founder with experience in that area. Additionally, 'group chats' can be formed around specific niches, like 'SaaS startups' or 'Green Tech Innovations,' allowing synchronous brainstorming sessions.


Tobe Agency is the expert in building communities

The intersection of community and technology is potent. As we've explored, several key features can significantly enhance engagement within any community. If you’re looking to harness the full power of community engagement and need guidance in choosing or leveraging the right platform, Tobe Agency is here to assist. Reach out to us and let's amplify your community's potential together.

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