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How to Create a Rich Media Content Marketing Strategy by Refreshing Old Content

Wondering how to create a rich media content marketing strategy without creating a ton of new content? Here's how to repurpose written content fast.

How to create a rich media content marketing strategy

From old clothes to old furniture, repurposing is all the rage. But did you know you can create a content marketing strategy based on rich media by refreshing your old content? We’ve done it, our partners have done it, and it works like a charm.

Here’s what you need to know:


What is a rich media content marketing strategy?

A rich media content marketing strategy is a lot more focused (and effective) than just tossing some videos into your existing content mix. Rich media content marketing uses videos and podcasts to create a strategy that fuels every stage of your funnel.

So if you can't just throw videos into your existing marketing strategy, how do you do it?

The best way to make it happen is to treat rich media a lot like a written pillar content strategy. With a written pillar content strategy, you'd start with one big pillar topic, then build blog posts around it on subtopics, all geared toward taking advantage of search engine algorithms and getting some eyes from your target audience.

The same is true for a rich media content strategy. Choose one big pillar topic, then create video or podcasts around the subtopics.

The coolest part about this approach? A rich media content strategy can work in tandem with your existing pillar page strategy. All you have to do is work backwards! You can use existing blogs as the framework for new rich media content. And with the content already laid out for you, all you need to do is turn it into simple, but effective, video podcast content.


Why should you repurpose old content?

Odds are, you’ve already produced written content that covers the juicy aspects of your business, such as your unique value propositions, frequent questions from your target audience, and topics that bring value to your prospects and current customers.

By turning these blog posts into rich media content, you’ll upgrade the content you’ve already invested in and turn it into a format that’s more digestible (and valuable) in the era of Content Marketing 2.0.

Repurposing old content serves two specific purposes…

  1. It saves you time and money with the resourceful use of existing content;

  2. It puts you ahead of the curve as audiences shift preferences from written content to podcasts and video content.


How do you create a content marketing strategy based on rich media, using your old content?

If you already have an existing written pillar page and/or blog content, half your work is already done.


STEP 1: Use your pillar or blog content to outline video podcast topics...

Depending on the length of your written content, you can create either a single video podcast outline or plan an entire podcast series from the topics and information within your pillar page or blog post.

Ideally, you’ll start with one overall topic for each video podcast episode, then plan 4–5 subtopics to discuss within the episode for about 5–10 minutes each.


STEP 2: Produce your video podcast episode...

You won’t need any fancy equipment or a star-studded guest lineup to produce an engaging video podcast for your audience.

Because you’re basing your podcast on written content that’s likely performed well in the past, you know that your existing content is already valuable to your audience. Choose a podcast format (such as interviews or discussions between hosts from within your company) and start filming, being sure to introduce your chosen subtopics at regular intervals.


STEP 3: Turn your video podcast episode into clips, microcontent, and more...

Edit your video podcast so that you end up with the following elements:

  • A video podcast to upload to YouTube

  • An audio-only version to upload to podcast platforms

  • Multiple 5–10 minute clips for periodic YouTube uploads and to use in sales outreach

  • Multiple 30–60 second microclips for use on social media, in newsletters, and embedded in email campaigns


What’s the payoff?

Your new rich media can fill your funnel for up to a month, using just one 30–60 minute video podcast! Even better, you’ll have plenty of content that you can repurpose in the future, and an even wider digital footprint to help with your overall search presence.

For more guidance on how to create content marketing strategy based on rich media by refreshing your old content, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Tobe Agency. We’re here to help!

Michael Toledo

Michael Toledo

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