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How to Make Video Marketing Work for Your Business

Wondering how to make video marketing work for your business? Here are three ways to use this powerful medium to increase engagement.

How to make video work for your business

Wondering how to make video marketing work for your business? 

Video marketing is a lot less intimidating than it seems.

As you probably already know, video marketing is a great tool for increasing your content’s engagement. Plenty of businesses still struggle to create video marketing campaigns that actually capture their leads’ attention and drive them to take action. 

Video content gives you a competitive edge, especially if you’re in a B2B industry where businesses are just starting to warm up to the idea of video content marketing. It’s a good idea to invest in it, even if it’s just to experiment with a few minimum viable tests to see what works best for you and your audience. 

Any industry can create videos of anything from demonstrations to interviews and testimonials.

Here’s how to make video marketing work for your business:

Make use of demonstration videos

One of the best ways to create videos unique to your business and of interest to your leads is to create demonstration videos. Even if you don’t sell a physical product, generate demonstration videos for simple or complex processes you help customers with. You can also demonstrate how your service works. 

Videos like these are great for retargeting content when leads are in the consideration or decision-making stages of the buyer journey. You can also generate videos for your website on your service or offer pages to bring more clarity to what leads can expect from you. 

If you decide to make use of YouTube as one of your marketing channels and happen to create a handful of demonstration videos, consider putting them into one easy-to-access playlist so viewers can easily choose and watch the demonstrations that interest them most. 

Create short marketing videos to increase engagement with promotions

Whether you’re sharing a promotion with leads in an email or an ad, including a short one- or two-minute video can increase click-through rates and spark more interest in your offer. 

Even if it’s just your CEO getting on-screen to share the benefits of the promotion or a compilation of your product or service in action, the visual aspect of video content creates more trust and helps people feel more connected to your brand.

That added trust and connection can soften the resistance people have to giving you their information or clicking the “buy now” button. 

Even if you don’t feel like you can make video marketing work for your business in other parts of your sales funnel, consider at least experimenting with some short marketing videos with warmer leads. 

Collect video testimonials or interviews from happy customers

People love to see social proof before they take the plunge to buy something themselves. Testimonial videos are a great way to show that other people trust your brand. 

Although it may seem like asking for a video testimonial is too big a favor to ask your customers, ones who have had a great experience with you are likely happy to get on camera and talk about it.

To make it easy for them, consider giving them a few questions beforehand to prompt their answers so they don’t have to create their testimonial from scratch. Some questions you might ask are: 

  • What did you enjoy most about the product or service? 
  • What made you decide to buy or take action?
  • What was holding you back before you reached out? 
  • Who would benefit most from this product or service? 

Their answers on camera should feel candid rather than scripted. Let them know that whichever questions you ask are simply suggestions. 

Need help creating a video marketing strategy that works for your business?

Check out our free guide to planning, creating and executing a rich media content strategy here. If you have any questions, the experts at Tobe are happy to help.

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