How to Grow Your Podcast - Monitoring and Optimizing Your Video Podcast

Analysis and adjustment are the key to growth for any marketing effort, and that includes your video podcast. 

June 30, 2020
2 Minute Read


Analysis and adjustment are the key to growth for any marketing effort, and that includes your video podcast

However, the metrics and measures of success for podcasting will look very different from your other marketing endeavors. 

Here’s how to grow your podcast quickly and efficiently using all the analytics at your disposal:


1. Review your goals

As you monitor and optimize your video podcast, keep your goals at the forefront:

  • What is the purpose of your podcast?

  • Who is your target audience?

  • What action do you want your audience to take?


2. Analyze audience engagement

From zoomed-out data such as total numbers of views/listens, to more granular data such as total time watched and CTA clicks, you’ll have plenty of podcast analytics at your fingertips. 

Take a look at data available to you from your podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. You should see information such as where listeners are located, the devices they’re using, and when they tune in (or zone out).

Video metrics can provide insightful data. Video hosting platforms like Wistia and Vimeo help you track and measure each view, and some even provide reporting on social media engagement (such as comments and “likes”).  


3. Learn which channels are working best

Most businesses use their podcast content across a variety of apps, sites, and platforms. Compare audience engagement metrics by platform so you know where your listeners and viewers are accessing your content. 

This information can be used to help you focus your efforts on successful channels, and optimize your presence within less popular channels.


4. Length matters

Sort your podcast analytics by the length of each episode or clip. Which lengths have more plays? Which lengths have more shares? Where do viewers and listeners tend to drop off? Which lengths had the highest rate of downloads?

Furthermore, take a look at which lengths were most effective within each channel. The clip length that works best on Facebook may be different from the length that works for LinkedIn. 

Use your findings to adjust your episode and microcontent lengths for each distribution channel.


5. Dissect your guests

Okay, not LITERALLY. But you do need to take a very close look at how your engagement changes based on the guests you feature. 

Which guests generated the most plays and views? Who inspired high-quality audience engagement such as comments and shares? These questions will help you with your content optimization.

When you have a good idea of which guests have been most helpful in growing and engaging your audience, try to find some characteristics they have in common. Then, look for guests that share those characteristics.

For example, if your audience loves guests who are funny, try to schedule more guests with a sense of humor. If listeners and viewers can’t get enough of your influencer guests, add a few more to your lineup.


6. Rinse and repeat

Learning how to grow your podcast is a process. You’ll need to monitor your data consistently and regularly optimize your podcast content, structure, and distribution. 

Even once you feel like you’ve hit your stride, there are still improvements that can be made. Keep at it!


If you could use some assistance developing, creating, or optimizing your business podcast, reach out to the experts at Tobe. We’re ready to assist with projects of any scale.

Analysis and adjustment are the key to growth for any marketing effort, and that includes your video podcast. 

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