How to Promote a Podcast for Your B2B Market the Easy Way

October 18, 2021
3 Minute Read


Wondering how to promote a podcast to a B2B market? 

Although B2B markets tend to be smaller than broader B2C markets, there are still plenty of ways to extend your podcast’s reach using both paid and organic strategies. 

Plus, when you consider that there are now more than 117 million people listening to podcasts (a number which is still expected to grow year over year), it’s still fairly easy to get your B2B podcast in front of enough people to make a big difference in your prospect pipeline as long as you’re producing high quality content.

So if you want to know how to promote a podcast to your particular B2B market without investing too much time or money up front, here are a few easy ways to boost your marketing efforts once you reach post-production:

Use Influencer Marketing

If you’re just starting out and are interested in how to promote a podcast without relying heavily on pay-per-click or “PPC” advertising, influencer marketing is a great alternative. 

The best way to do this is to find influencers whose audience overlaps with yours without directly competing. For example, if you’re a wholesaler, you may want to partner with an influencer in the eCommerce space.

Another key to successful influencer marketing? Make it as easy as possible for them to promote your content. If it’s someone with their own podcast, write out a quick script for them to use when they mention your podcast to their audience. If it’s a blogger, write out the blog post for them using their writing style, or offer to write a guest post so they don’t have to lift a finger. 

Influencers may charge you to use their platform for promotion, but it’s often a flat fee. If you’re bootstrapped, the predictability of this flat fee can be far easier on your budget than PPC. 

Invite Thought Leaders From Your Target Audience’s Space Onto Your Podcast 

Another easy way to promote your podcast is leveraging other people’s more established, overlapping audiences. To do this, look for thought leaders that your avatar is likely to follow online.

For instance, if you provide services for small business owners, look for thought leaders small business owners are likely to follow. These could be authors, well-known consultants or coaches, or even other podcasters. 

By inviting these well-known thought leaders onto your podcast, you’re likely to get in front of their dedicated audience who may have interest in your product or service, too. 

Post Podcast Clips on Social Media 

Possibly the easiest way to promote a podcast is through social media marketing. Regularly posting about your podcast on social media channels gives them direct access to tune in and subscribe, and reminds them when your new episodes are released. 

If you have video footage of yourself recording your podcast, you can use short clips from your podcast instead of still images on social media to give your audience “episode teasers”, too. 

These short clips are not only a great way to promote your podcast, but they can also increase your social media engagement by offering eye-catching content that viewers are more likely to comment on, like, and share. 

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