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Growth Marketing Agency vs. Modern Marketing Agency

Growth marketing agency focuses on long-term strategies, promoting inbound lead generation and evergreen campaigns that can be used for years to come.

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Many people assume all marketing techniques are the same. Whether it’s digital, growth, modern or traditional – it all aims to do two things: 1) bring in leads, and, 2) increase sales. Well, this assumption is not exactly accurate.

While it may be true that all marketing agencies help attract new customers and close deals, it doesn’t stop there for growth marketers. Where most marketing firms focus solely on the awareness and acquisition phases of the sales process, growth marketers think beyond the 'here' and 'now'–crafting campaigns that not only bring customers in, but also keep them engaged for years to come.

Not sure whether you should use a growth marketer or a traditional agency? Here are some other differences to consider:


1. Siloed vs. Holistic marketing

Most modern marketing agencies operate in very distinct silos. The sales team owns the acquisition phase, while customer service takes charge on retention efforts. The IT team takes on data, while graphic design handles the creative. What results is a highly disjointed effort in which no single party is aware of all the moving parts of a campaign. This creates inconsistency and drastically reduces the efficacy of your efforts.

Growth marketers take a more hands-on, holistic approach. They participate in every part of the process, and they’re tuned-in to metrics, creative, KPIs, and all other vital aspects of a campaign.


2. Topical vs. Data-driven people

One of the biggest differences between traditional and growth marketing agency is the people they employ.

In most marketing agencies, the employees are topical experts. There’s one person who’s great at copywriting, another who’s good with analytics, and another who’s a stellar salesperson. Though these people are all experienced in their specific areas, they may not be as knowledgeable in what their colleagues are doing — which can often result in a less effective campaign. 

At growth marketing agencies, the teams tend to be more data-driven, analytical, and diversified. Maybe they worked as a web designer for a few years, then as a marketer, and then as a freelance consultant. They’ve project managed and written and designed and managed social media. They’ve done it all, and they get it all. This experience not only adds value to the marketing process they own — but the entire marketing campaign from start to finish.


3. Single-layer growth vs. Multi-layered growth

Traditional marketing agencies tend to focus on the growing area of the business. Maybe they want to up sales of a certain product, or they’re looking to increase overall client volume. Though their efforts might result in some growth (more opt-ins, more leads, etc.), they rarely end in full-scale growth for the entire organization and its bottom line.

With growth marketing, your full-funnel is optimized to encourage growth. At every stage in the buyer's journey, data, creative and sales are blended together to build your core value, improve your results, and boost your overall business success. 


4. Proven methods vs. Outside-the-box thinking

Most marketing agencies tend to focus on the proven methods and strategies they’ve been using for years. After all, why mess with success? If it worked before, it can work again, and that means results for clients.

Growth marketers know that no two clients are the same — no matter how similar their business models might be. They also tend to be less married to specific processes and strategies, and overall, more willing to experiment with new ideas. This is how you get those disruptive and viral marketing approaches that really get you noticed.


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