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Sales Enablement Content

Good sales enablement content shows that you know your space and consumers’ needs, and ultimately helps your sales reps convert prospects into customers.

Sales Enablement Content

Having great content geared toward enabling your sales team not only spices up the outreach and sales processes, but it paints a better picture of your company and the problems it solves. An effective sales enablement content shows that you know your space and consumers, ultimately conveys how you can help your clients.

While marketing content is generally geared toward increasing brand awareness and bringing prospects as far down your sales funnel as possible, sales content is what will ultimately help your reps pull your prospects down your funnel and turn them into customers.


1. Create Quality Content

There's an infinite amount of information accessible to pretty much anyone. Unfortunately, for as much good content as there is on the internet, there's just as much (if not more) bad content. As the attention span of the average adult gets shorter (it's currently at 7 seconds), the need for producing effective marketing and sales content is on the rise.

Your content needs to speak to the personas it was made for, and it needs to engage those people within mere seconds.

If your sales enablement content doesn't provide value, your prospects will find it elsewhere – and it will most likely be from a competitor.


2. Identify Content Goals

As you create content for your sales team, it's a good practice to first figure out what you want your content to do for your rep. In other words, do you want to it geared toward the awareness, consideration, or decision stage of the buyer's journey?

Here are a few examples of sales enablement content you can create to empower your reps:

  • Competitor comparisons, differentiating yourself from other options your prospect may be considering
  • Specific and relevant products or service features
  • Pricing breakdowns
  • Objection sheets
  • Goals and challenges of interest to your customers
  • Case studies, blog articles, videos, email templates, examples of great sales calls/general outreach


3. Content Organization

While organization relates more to your sales enablement processes, we've included it here because it also applies to your content.

Organizing your content into an easy-to-navigate folder structure or hierarchy makes it easier for your reps to find what they need, when they need it.

Sales enablement content can be simple data-sheets or product descriptions, or they can be videos used to demo your product or service. Just remember, cold calls are on their way out – consider combining video content in sales emails with automation sequences to achieve a truly effective cold email outreach.


4. Content Formats

Remember, content is a broad term in relation to format. Choosing the right format for your audience AND your content can create a synergy that increases the effectiveness of your outreach.

Furthermore, using certain content formats can help you stand out from the crowd. If you’re already leveraging videos, podcasts or webinars for marketing content, consider cutting some of that content into smaller, more digestible pieces that can be readily used by your sales teams. Don’t forget to consider your sales content goals when finding snippets to pull from your marketing material.

Content is the foundation of any successful marketing AND sale strategy. Strategic planning your sales enablement materials and understanding the science and inner workings of content can increase lead generation and improve your bottom line is where Tobe Agency provides value. We create the content, implement the technology, and develop the strategies forward-thinking companies need to reach their full potential.

Ready to grow? Start a conversation with us today to get started!

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