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Using Podcasts to Increase B2B Lead Generation: Converting Audiences into Qualified Leads

Ready to use your podcast to increase B2B lead generation? There are some key elements you won’t want to miss.

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Podcasts are really fun to make, but that’s not why businesses typically choose to create them. 

The ultimate goal of a business’s video podcast is to increase B2B lead generation. However, executing that objective can be trickier than it seems. 

Try these three steps to convert an audience into qualified leads using your B2B podcast: 


1. Develop a creative strategy that supports your brand

Your creative strategy is the foundation of your podcasting efforts. It determines the theme of your podcast, the format of your episodes, the tone you’ll use, your timing/cadence, and more.

To most effectively increase B2B lead generation through your creative strategy, start by analyzing your target audience:

    • What problems and challenges do they face?

    • What are they most passionate about?

    • How do they interact outside of the podcast (such as forums, social media, etc.)?

    • How do you plan to engage with audience members as you convert them into leads?

A deep understanding of your ideal listener will help you choose topics and guest speakers that will resonate with your audience. 

As you develop your creative strategy, try to find a balance between niche content that is unique and appealing to your specific subset of listeners (to build a following) and content that appeals to a broader audience (to encourage shares). 


2. Use your unique brand personality to build a community

You don’t just want listeners, you want SUPERFANS. 

What’s the difference between a podcast audience and a community of superfans? 

Listens/views from a podcast audience are often prompted by social media or email reminders. They enjoy the podcast when they catch it, but they won’t get too concerned if they miss an episode.

Superfans, on the other hand, will subscribe to your podcast, listen to/watch each episode promptly, share content on their own platforms, and may even create communities to discuss your podcast with other avid listeners.

Building a community of superfans isn’t just great for growth. Developing a cult following creates unsurpassed B2B lead generation potential by delivering qualified prospects with built-in brand affinity. 

The best way to create podcast devotees is to be yourself, and share things you’re passionate about. Your brand’s unique personality will attract an audience of enthusiasts that grows and converts organically.

One more note: avoid direct promotion in your podcasts. If your podcast sounds too much like a commercial, you’ll lose credibility (and maybe even likeability). 


3. Send marketing messages to subscribers 

This is where you cash in on the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve poured into your B2B podcast. 

Although your listeners may not yet be customers, they likely have acquired a high degree of brand loyalty after regularly enjoying your podcast episodes. Your subscribers are prime targets for valuable offers, such as ebooks, webinars, explainers, how-tos, etc.

Strengthen your relationship while also moving these listeners through the sales funnel by providing more useful, engaging content followed by a compelling CTA.


Could you use some guidance on turning your B2B podcast into a lead generation machine? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Tobe!

Andrew Hong

Andrew Hong

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