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What is HubSpot?

Implementing the right digital marketing and sales platform enables better communication across different departments and optimizes your business efforts.

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We’ve worked in just about every major marketing platform out there, so whether you decide to go with HubSpot or another all-in-one solution, we can help get you set up and ready to launch your first campaigns. All marketing platforms have nuances unique to each one, so be sure to speak with an agency to understand the full scope involved with making a switch to a new CRM or marketing platform.

Over the past few years, HubSpot has gained a reputation for being a premier all-in-one marketing platform. As they’ve grown in size, popularity, and reputation, so has their ability to serve their users. In fact, HubSpot has an entire webpage dedicated to HubSpot Case Studies in order to provide greater insight into how HubSpot has helped companies “grow better”.

Making the decision on whether to use HubSpot can be a major one depending on the current state of your company and its processes, as well as the products or services that it offers. Unfortunately, there’s no formula to help you decide whether or not you should use HubSpot with your business, which is why we’ve provided a little breakdown to help you get familiar with the platform before you make a decision.

HubSpot is essentially an all-in-one digital marketing and sales platform comprised of digital “hubs” in which your different teams can work. HubSpot is broken into the CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub.


The HubSpot CRM

In our last post, we spoke about why using a CRM is a necessity for any brand looking to benefit from digital brand awareness, engagement, and sales. Within HubSpot, CRM will be the heart of your marketing and sales strategies. The CRM integrates with the rest of HubSpot, making it easy to automate your lead flows and marketing-to-sales lead handoffs.


Marketing Hub

The HubSpot Marketing Hub will be the foundation for your digital marketing efforts. You can manage all your digital channels – social media accounts, email marketing, websites, and blogs – as well as design and create the forms and landing pages you’ll use to turn prospects into leads. You’ll also be able to create and manage campaigns using the campaigns tool and plan it all out with the calendar tool.


Sales Hub

The Sales Hub was built specifically with the salesperson in mind. In this section, you’ll find your deals and deal pipelines, meetings, and tasks tools, along with easy access to your sales content under Documents.

The HubSpot platform is built to integrate with itself, so your sales teams can effectively track contact, company, and deal records, create new deals, contacts, or companies, and enroll contacts into sequences for automated sales outreach.


Service Hub

HubSpot’s Service Hub helps your company bring the entire inbound methodology full circle by helping you provide outstanding service to your customers. Doing so will promote brand loyalty and encourage referrals from existing customers.


The Extras

In addition to each hub, HubSpot contains a large selection of tools to help with marketing and sales execution. These include snippets, a marketplace for templates and page modules, sequences for automated sales outreach, tasks and task queues, SEO tools, design tools, and so much more. As such, Tobe Agency recommends partnering with an agency that understands how to set up HubSpot to utilize all of these tools in a manner conducive to YOUR business.

Should you decide to brave the waters on your own, HubSpot has built out an extensive library of knowledge articles, online marketing courses and certifications, and informational videos. HubSpot also offers excellent customer support if you need additional help. They have chat support, phone support, and email support, in addition to offering account reps that can get in touch with the right people to get you very specific information related to your question or issue.


What’s the Point?

Using the HubSpot workflows tool, you can automate almost anything. When you put everything into a single package and tune it to work for your products and services, you’re left with a digital marketing machine comprised of different campaigns you can run with the literal click of a button.

We’ll be honest with you – getting HubSpot to work the way you want it to is no small endeavor. From creating custom properties to building the more advanced automation, having a partner agency with HubSpot implementation experience will make the entire experience smoother and ensure your HubSpot portal is set up for success.

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