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Video Podcast Recording Equipment and Tools: Everything you Need to Get Started

Deciding on podcast recording equipment is confusing. Here are the essentials you’ll need to get started.

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You’ve researched the numerous ways that video podcasting beefs up your marketing strategy. You’ve planned your podcast content, your promotion strategy, your guests, and your format. But what about actually recording it? 

The good news is that your video podcast can be as basic or as polished as it needs to be. In fact, you can even create effective video content using only your smartphone and a few accessories! 

Here’s the low-down on the essential video podcast recording equipment you need (plus some extras that are nice to have around):


Traditional podcast recording equipment

  • Camera: Almost any type of camera that can record HD 1080p videos will work for your video podcast. Substantial built-in memory is helpful, and make sure there is a slot for an additional memory card. WiFi connectivity is a plus to export footage right to your recording software.

  • Tripod: Any basic, affordable tripod will work for a video podcast, since you’ll be in an office or studio setting and will not be moving the camera from place to place.

  • Memory cards: It’s best to get the maximum size of memory storage that your camera will allow. A 64 GB memory card will hold about 40 minutes of HD video in MP4 format.

  • Stabilizer: A stabilizer prevents unwanted movements like “camera shakes” and is helpful in environments where you might have some vibrations from nearby activity.

  • Wireless mic kits and headphones: Each speaker should have their own mic and headphones to avoid differences in volume levels and audio quality. 

  • Lighting: If you don’t have a good source of natural lighting, grab some ring lights. Lighting makes a big difference in the overall look of your video podcast (and can make the host feel more confident as well).

  • Editing software: After you record your video, export it twice: Once as an audio/video file (for YouTube, etc.) and once as an audio recording only (for Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.). From there you can use free software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to edit.


Smartphone podcast recording equipment

  • Lighting: Your phone can take the place of a camera for video recording, but it can’t help with your lighting. You’ll need natural light, ring lights, or even a lighting case.

  • Tripod: Pick up a basic tripod that will hold your phone at the right level and angle while recording.

  • Stabilizer: Shaky recordings are distracting and make your video podcast look less professional. A good stabilizer is an excellent investment.

  • Lens adaptor: Lens attachments can improve the appearance of your video images and add some versatility to your setup.

  • Microphone: An external microphone for your smartphone provides higher-quality audio than your phone’s microphone can on its own. Look for one that can easily export audio files to your computer in order to save time.

  • Editing software: You’ll still need solid editing software for your smartphone setup, just like you would for a full camera setup. As mentioned above, iMovie and Movie Maker are options that will help you create a polished video podcast. You can edit audio files separately using free audio software like GarageBand or Audacity.


How “pro” should you go?

When you’re deciding how to record a podcast, consider your budget, your skill level, and the resources within your team. With a high budget, you may be able to outsource things like production or editing.

Otherwise, look to your team to find good fits for the various tasks associated with video podcasting (strategy, scripting, graphic design, editing, etc.).

Either way, the right podcast recording equipment can make or break your results. Take your time, go with the flow, and keep learning and adjusting as your podcast grows. 


If you could use some guidance, your friends at Tobe have plenty of experience to share! Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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