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Types of Sales Videos that Empower Your Sales Team

Learn about different types of sales videos and how they can be used throughout the sales process, empowering your sales and increasing conversions.

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If there was one ingredient you could give your sales team that would increase conversions x4, would you use it?

This potent additive is VIDEO. Video helps us return to the “in-person” aspect of sales without the wasted time and revenue associated with actual in-person contact, and this applies to sales video as well.

Here’s how you can use video in sales to empower your business development reps throughout your sales enablement process:


1. Prospecting Videos: 

Show prospects that they're communicating with a real human being by creating short, personalized "one-to-one" videos. These videos can be sent to prospects at the first touch to grab attention. 

As inbound marketers know, this video content needs to be packed with value for your lead in order to be effective. Prospecting or sales videos should provide a helpful tip, address common questions, or guide the viewer to useful content. 

Here’s an example of what a prospecting video script might look like:

“Hey [prospect], since you work in [field], I wanted to share this guide with you on [relevant topic]. This has really helped some of our partners [solve a challenge the prospect faces]. I found it interesting that [notable snippet from guide]. I’d love to learn more about your company. You can grab some time on my calendar using the link below. Talk to you soon!”

As you know, your prospects are being drenched with prospecting messages throughout the day. Video significantly increases the open rate of emails, making your message more likely to be viewed. From there, the video differentiates your BDR, your sales approach, and your business. 


2. Live Walkthroughs:

Take a consultative approach by using video to conduct a live walkthrough of a prospect’s online presence, such as their website or social media strategy to demonstrate areas for improvement.

Providing a detailed, live assessment of the business challenges your prospect faces can help put your solutions into context while simultaneously giving the person highly personalized content that is relevant and specific to their needs.


3. Sales Proposal Videos:

Creating a one-to-one sales proposal video is particularly effective for a few reasons:

  • Video can deliver high amounts of complex information in a simplified format (such as long explanations and screen recordings for tech walk-throughs)

  • Sales proposal videos can be easily shared with other decision-makers 

  • As always, using video in sales puts the human aspect back into the sales process

There are plenty of browser extensions that can be used to create screen recordings with webcam video, making it easier than ever to give prospects the experience of an in-person demonstration.


4. Followup Videos:

After your BDR has been able to meet with their prospect, they can send a one-to-one follow-up video that summarizes the discussion and (as always) adds value. Your BDR could use this opportunity to expand on a solution that came up during their conversation or point to another resource that may be useful to the prospect.

Video is also a great tool to re-engage a prospect who has, for example, missed a scheduled call. A personalized check-in can demonstrate care for the prospect without feeling naggy or bothersome.


5. Customer Case Studies/Testimonials:

Case study videos and testimonial videos are examples of reusable sales enablement content that can add power throughout your sales process. A customer testimonial video can be created by interviewing your clients and asking them a series of questions that help them tell their story and how your product or service has solved their challenges. 

Recording case study videos and testimonial videos will help you build an arsenal of evergreen video content for sales enablement. HubSpot has an excellent case study video guide.


6. Thank-You and Check-In Videos:

After the sale, a personalized, one-to-one “Thank You” video is an effective way for your BDRs to extend gratitude and remind clients that they’re still available if the customer has questions or concerns.

Expressing appreciation and continuing to be a resource to improve the probability that your client will refer their representative to someone else, leave positive reviews, or make another purchase in the future. 


7. In-Depth Demo/Training Videos:

Sending demo videos is a way to continue to add value for your clients, especially if your product or service is more sophisticated and requires customer training.

Demo videos can explain a complex function of your product or introduce a new feature. These videos are evergreen, and should only require small periodic tweaks.


Bringing it all together

As you work towards a video-based sales approach, you can begin to create ALL your video marketing content with consideration for how it can be utilized by your sales team. In the meantime, any videos that are already part of your marketing content (such as how-tos, vlogs, brand videos, etc.) can and should be used for sales enablement. 

If you could use some guidance to help you empower your sales team with video, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Tobe. We’d love to help you get started!

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