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6 Tips for Writing Powerful Inbound Marketing Content

Working on inbound marketing? Here are 6 steps to writing engaging marketing content that converts.


Marketing content copy shouldn’t be meaningless messaging packed with your keywords and a call-to-action. What you write and how you write it can make or break your relationship with potential customers.

Here are some tips on how to write inbound marketing content that’s interesting, helpful, and effective:

1. Pick Your Personality

This is the digital age! You can be anyone you want to be...but we recommend being authentic—someone who’s relatable, knowledgeable, and approachable.

Think about the people you’ve really learned from in your life—that super encouraging teacher or coach, the boss that was integral to your professional development, the family member you could always go to for advice.

What was their tone? What kinds of words did they use to impart their wisdom? Draw from that personal connection and start writing with authenticity!

2. Tell a story

Storytelling is the key to effective and engaging content.

For example: say your company provides software for fitness instructors to organize group classes and you have a great story that you think can make your audience laugh and sell that software. Tell the story!

By sharing your stories you instantly become more relatable, and more likely to reach potential clients and sell your product.  

3. Keep it light

Your readers should not feel like they’re wading through a textbook. Show your knowledge and expertise by presenting valuable information and solutions for prospective clients—not through overly complicated sentences and unnecessary technical terms.

Don’t sacrifice readability for the sake of sounding more credible. Good inbound marketing content should be readable and relatable. 

4. Solve a problem

While you may be tempted to sell your business as much as possible, focus instead on relating to the reader’s needs.

In growth marketing, the inbound content strategy is meant to guide your leads through the buying process by addressing challenges they may be facing and providing information on how that challenge can be solved.

Think about the frequently asked questions your customers inquire and use those as inspiration for potential writing topics. Once the challenge and solution are identified, you can inform the reader why YOUR product or service might be a better fit than other options. 

5. Keep your tone consistent

The various components of your inbound content strategy are just pieces of one long conversation. As your lead clicks from blog posts to demo videos to sales pages, they should be hearing the same voice.

An effective inbound marketing strategy relies on gaining the trust of your audience by providing them with consistent, valuable content – it’s much easier to do that when your audience is engaging with the same persona at each touchpoint.

6. Think about your Call-to-Action

Not all content benefits from the same call-to-action (CTA). Be thoughtful about where your reader might be in the sales process.

For example, if your content is suited for someone gathering information, a compelling CTA might be to collect an email address and send introductory material. If the content is geared towards people who are familiar with your product or are possibly already utilizing the services of a competitor, a demo or free trial CTA would be a natural next step. A thoughtful CTA will lead to more conversions.

Want some extra guidance? Reach out to Tobe Agency for assistance with all things inbound.

Andrew Hong

Andrew Hong

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