How to Implement Rich Media Content Into Your Written Content Strategy

September 13, 2021
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So you’ve decided to overhaul your marketing strategy with rich media content — but what does that mean for all the written content you’ve already created?

One of the main benefits of rich media content is that you don’t need to completely abandon your current content marketing strategy to work it in.

In fact, simply adding rich media content to your written content strategy can do wonders for your engagement rates and helps breathe new life into some of your older content.

Here’s how to do it:

Add a Video Element to Increase Visitors’ Time on Blog Pages

Who says blog content and video content can’t coexist?

An easy way to revive old blog posts is to stick an explainer video at the top of the page. Even if the video reiterates what’s already written in the post, some visitors will prefer to watch the video instead of reading the page.

In essence, this ability to cater to different learning styles is the beauty of rich media content in the first place.

The best part is video content typically increases a visitor’s time spent on your page, which is one of the metrics that boosts your SEO efforts and shows Google that visitors like your content.


Create Shareable Infographics to Summarize Written Content

Explaining a complex topic? Infographics can help.

According to Digital Information World, infographics are 30 times more likely to be read in their entirety than a blog post or news article.

To implement this type of rich media content into your existing written content, create an eye-catching infographic that captures a post’s big picture and its key supporting ideas the next time you create longer-form written content. Use it also if you need to explain a more technical topic the average reader might not understand.

Another benefit of supporting written content with infographics is that they are often shared more on social media than simple static images, which means your content has the potential to achieve a larger reach for free.


Complement Podcast or YouTube Episodes With Written Highlight Posts

Again, rich media content offers a great way to accommodate different learning styles — and attention spans!

If you’re creating a full-length podcast or YouTube episodes, writing up quick episode summaries that highlight key concepts and defining moments of each episode can keep listeners or viewers up to speed and solidify your message.

Plus, writing highlight posts can create backlinks to your podcast or YouTube series (and vice versa if you link your blog in your episode descriptions) that can boost your SEO efforts both ways.

Replace Static Images With GIFs

Not quite ready to create a podcast or YouTube video series just yet?

Simply replacing static images on your blog posts with relevant GIFs can boost engagement.

While most people associate GIFs with purely comical content (which can be a fun way to spruce up a dry topic), you can also create GIFs that demonstrate how to do what you’re explaining your post or to show off a product or interface.

The movement alone is enough to catch a reader’s eye. It allows for more creativity than a simple static image.

Curious What Rich Media Content Can Do For Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Check out our free guide to planning, creating and executing a rich media content strategy here. If you have any questions, the team at Tobe is here to help! Reach out anytime.

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