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Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Content Strategy with YouTube Marketing

Creating YouTube marketing content shouldn’t take all your time, energy, and team resources. Try these simple methods instead.

Creating Content for YouTube Marketing

Beginning a YouTube marketing content strategy can be daunting, to put it lightly. What kinds of videos will you create? What topics will you cover? How in the world are you going to post multiple videos every week?

The good news is that with some skillful planning, you can produce multi-purpose content that feeds your YouTube marketing strategy year-round. 

Here’s how to create engaging, effective, consistent YouTube content without going crazy:


1. Create content pillars and topic clusters

Many marketers have already shifted to a pillar page/topic cluster format for written content. Your video content can (and should) follow the same keyword driven framework.

It begins with a content pillar, a broad topic from which your topic clusters will stem. For example, a financial institution might start with a pillar topic of “financial health,” with topic clusters such as “saving for retirement,” “budgeting,” etc. 

Outline your pillars and topic clusters just like you would for blog content. Research and select keywords for topic clusters as well. This outline will be the roadmap for your YouTube marketing strategy.


2. Turn your topic clusters into video podcasts

Each topic cluster from your content pillars can be turned into a video podcast episode. Ideally, each video will have a duration of 30 minutes or longer. 

While planning each video, structure your content so that important points and keywords are distributed evenly throughout your recording. This will make it easy to pull short segments from your videos and use them throughout the marketing funnel.

For example, you could list 5-6 bullet points and related keywords within your topic, and plan to spend about 5 minutes discussing each one. 

A solid framework will help you greatly in post-production, where you’ll divide your videos into more consumable segments.


3. Break your video podcast episodes into micro-content 

By thoughtfully planning your video content, you’ll find that it’s simple to edit your long-form video into shorter clips. 

Not only will your audience have a 30+ minute video podcast to watch or listen to, you’ll also be able to share bite-size segments regularly without having to record multiple videos throughout the week.

Dividing your video podcast into 1-15 clips gives you a versatile selection of quality content that can all be SEO’d around a micro topic to attract views or listens and drive traffic. 


4. Distribute your video podcast content across any and all channels

Your micro-content has unlimited potential within your marketing funnel.

Of course, you’ll want to optimize and upload your video content on YouTube to take advantage of the second-largest search engine in the world. Optimize your video content by using keywords in transcript text, tags, titles, and video descriptions.

You’ll also want to post micro-content on social media, on your website, and within emails. Be mindful of the buyer’s journey as you decide which clips to use and where to include them.

Your sales team can even use micro-content to offer value and build trust during cold marketing outreach attempts. A short, informative video is more effective than the old “do you have 15 minutes to chat?” email, if you ask us.


5. Extract content for blog posts

The blog post you’re reading right now is actually tied to a Tobe Agency video podcast clip. Depending on the content of your podcast, you may be able to extract content to be used for several blog posts. 

With some pre-production planning and post-production editing, one 30-minute video podcast can supercharge your entire content strategy. Ready to give YouTube marketing a try? We’re here to help, from little projects to big-picture strategy. Reach out and let the experts at Tobe lend a hand!

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